Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So Exciting...It's Simply SMASHING!

Are you excited? We are! SMASHBOOKS have FINALLY ARRIVED! Did we mention...finally?

Hurry in! This hot item is hard to get in and sure to sell out quickly! If you can't get in to get yours, call the store to prepay and reserve yours now!

They make great gifts for a Bride to Be, World Traveller, Person Who Loves to Journal, or just anyone who has "random" thoughts or receipts or ideas or well, pretty much anything that they would like to keep track of...

What will I use mine for? As a teacher, I think I'll use it for all my random and inspiring "what to do's" in regards to maybe a few random momentus moments and pictures of my own little 16 month old peanut! The "smashing" thing is...since its a doesn't have to be organized!

How will you use yours? :)


Anonymous said...

I think SMASHBOOKS would make GREAT gifts for the high-school/middle-school girls. They can SMASH the whole year into one book and keep a memory of all the FUN activities they did with their friends!

Memory Weavers said...

As a Middle School teacher, I SOOO agree--I intend to use mine frequently in class--so they can see one in use! :)